Small Decorative Stones

Green Country Soil is able to supply all of your decorative stones, soils and mulches on the same truckload.

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Red Lava Rock
It is a small to medium,
volcanic rock and is available
in a bright red color.
Pond Pebbles
Smooth multi-colored rock
1-3 inches in diameter. This is a great stone for fishponds, waterfalls, landscaping and highlighting flowerbeds.
Rainbow Rock
Smooth egg-shaped
multi-colored rock,
3/4" to 1 1/2" in size.
Great for landscaping, flowerbeds and pathways.
     River Rock
 A multi-shaped tan earthtone rock ranging from 3/4" to 1 1/2"
in size. This rock is ideal for beautifying the natural look in landscapes.
 White Marble Chips
Small white marble rock.
 1/2" - 1" in size. Very appealing in any landscape.

Pea Gravel
Very small tan/earthtone colored rocks. Great to be used for walkways and flowerbeds.

Grey Stone
All-purpose crushed grey rock.
Great rock to use for a base/foundation for patios or in retaining walls.

Paver Sand

It is suggested that 1" of Paver Sand is used for all stone patio projects to even the surface. Pour paver sand onto pavers and sweep into joints until full. This is for pedestrian traffic only.


Paver Base

The secret to long lasting projects is a good base. It is recommended that 3"-4" of paver base is used for the foundation.

Playground Sand

A medium course sand. Excellent for play boxes, smoothing out rough areas in the yard, or breaking up clay soils.

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